Vocabulary dalam description text

Berikut ini adalah beberapa kata yang digunakan dalam menulis description text. Untuk arti dari kata kata tersebut bisa di lihat di kamus.

Describing person
General look: handsome, beautiful, good looking, ugly
Physical look:
old, middle age, young, fifties, slim, skinny, well built, fat, medium built, tall, medium, height, short.
(Baby, oval, long) face, (round, small, narrow) eyes, (pale, dark) skin, (big, small, flat, pointed)nose, (full, small, thin)lips, (long, medium length, short, straight, wavy, curly, black, gray, brown, blond) hair, scar, pimples, moustache, beard, whisker, mole.
Wears glasses, earings,bando

He looks clever, loyal, confident, intelligent, honest, silent, cheerful, decisive, kind, generous, modest, simple, talkactive, lazy, arrogant, coward, selfish, easy going, sociable, stubborn.

Describing food
Shape: sphere, curve, pyramid, cylinder, round, oval, flat.
Size: long, short, big, small
Material: it is made of rice, sticky rice, cassava, wheat flour, rice flour.
Color: white, red, etc.
Taste: sweet, salty, sour, delicious, bland, spicy, salty, sour, tasty, bitter, horrible, mild

Describing animal
Size: big, small, huge
Color: white, black, etc.
Part of the body: long leg, short leg, long tail, etc.
Behavior: funny, clever, brave, noisy, quiet, obedient, friendly, loyal, easy to take care.
Food: grass, meat, vegetables, insect, fruits.

Stir fry(gongseng), boil(rebus pada panci tanpa tutup), steam(kukus), stew(rebus dalam panci tertutup), bake (panggang), fry(goreng), grill(bakar), bake(panggang), broil(dimasak di bawah api)
Steak : Rare(mentah), medium(setengah matang), well done(matang)
Egg: Scramble(acak), fried, boil, poached(rebus)
Lobster: grilled, baked, boiled, steamed

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