Let's recycle

I made these stuff a couple weeks ago, when some ribbons in my storage fell from their box. Then I had to organized them again. And I tried this idea

1. I used two WRP boxes, and some doubletape for the material. and for the tools, I used a CD for making the circle, and scissors for cutting the paper
2. Make two circle from the boxes
3. Make a hole in the centre of the circle, then cut the inner circle to the inner marking line, then fold the paper that you have cut.
4. Make a roll of paper from the scrap paper for the core, it's height is little higher than the ribbon. use double  tape to stick the core and the covers.
5. Then roll the ribbon
6. It's done


Finally I can make a sarubobo, I always wonder how to make this liltle creature. But, thanks to   for the tutorial.

then, he becomes the guardian angel....


tempat pensil

Beberapa minggu ini, akhirnya bisa juga menyalurkan hasrat menjahit. Dan salah satu hasilnya adalah pencil case

dan pouch dari batik 

buat ornamen, batik pouch digabung sama floral cotton fabrics, sisa dari bantal duduk punya ibu ku