My Grandfather

My grandfather was born in Surabaya, but his family moved to Kediri for war evacuation. When he was fourteen his father passed away and he became responsible to his family life. short after his father died, he lived with his uncle to learn about the skill of blacksmith, his father former profession. To apply the skill he had, he applied to be an apprentice in a Dutch company. However, he was too young to be the apprentice, so he worked in a Dutch family as a dokar rider. His duties were taking his young master to school and taking care the horses. While he was waiting for his young master at school he was also paid attention to the teacher explanation. He paid attention through the class windows, he watched the teacher teaching how to write and read. He remembered it and when he was at home he tried to learn how to read and write by himself.

Having capability in reading and writing, he got an opportunity to work in a forge of a Dutch company, and he became a blacksmith. In the company he was introduced to something new, a hydraulic machine. Then he learn about this machinery so he was able to operate, repair and maintain hydraulic machinery. After some years he worked in the Dutch company, he retired and he work in his own forge. After Indonesian ID, he didn't only have a forge, but he also owned a car service station, because the car machinery was almost the same as the machinery he learnt in the Dutch company.

At the age of 70 he once again knew something new, a welding process. When there's no welding service station in Kediri, he had to go to Surabaya if there were some car spare parts that had to be welded. When was waiting for the service in welding service station, he watched how to operate the welding machine, and to weld the material. Few months latter, he bought some welding device and he practiced how to weld, and complete his car service station with a welding service.
As the time went he was still learning about anything he'd like to know until he passed away in 1994. He was really a man who always eager to learn something new.

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