“Auch!” a fox cried out. He got trapped. When he tried to free himself, he had to cut out his tail. He looked at his tail sadly. “What will my friends say about my tail?” he worried.
Then he had an idea. He came to his group. He said to his friends. ‘Guys, look at my tail. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
“What’s wrong with you tail?” one of his friend asked.
“It’s a new fashion. A short tail,” the fox answer. He added, “ cut out your tail. Trust me, you’ll look cool like me.”
“Hahahaha!” suddenly there was a loud laugh. It’s the laugh of a big fox. He looked very handsome with his long and thick tail. The big fox said “Don’t hear them. A fox should have a long and thick tail like us. Do you know that he cut his tail because of a trap?”
Then all the fox laughed. The short tailed fox was very ashamed. He left his friends quickly. He hide himself in the wood.

  1. What happened to the fox’s tail?
  2. What did he persuade his friends to do with their tails?
  3. Why was the short-tailed fox very ashamed?
  4. Identify the generic structure of the text above

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