MY STORY, hope you will enjoy it


A long time ago, there lived a girl. She lived in a small village. Everyone was friendly to her because her kindness. She liked helping others. This girl helped her parents in their fruit stall everyday. They sold many kinds of fruits. This girl had many friends in the market; one of them was the butcher. The time when the butcher could not read a letter this girl taught him until he could read. They usually helped each other, when he saw the girl carrying a big box full of fruit, he helped her.
One day, the king would have a journey to other country and he would pass the village. There was a duty for the villagers. They have to serve the king. The king would spend the night in the village. Few days before when the king arrived in the village, all villagers were busy. The girl had a duty to find the best fruits to be served for the king, while the butcher had to cook meal for the king. The girl went to the garden to find the best fruit; even she had to go into the deep of forest to find some kind of fruits that the king ordered.

Three days before the king came to the village, when the girl just arrived from the forest the butcher came to her house. He wanted the girl to help him. He asks her to help him. She agreed to help him. She went to his house, when she arrived there are some materials that were ready to be cooked. Besides her, there was also the florist, she was cooking the meat.
The girl helped him, she cooked some material. They were cooking until morning. In the morning the girl tells the butcher that she had to go home, she would go to the forest because she would pick some rare fruit. The butcher wanted the girl to stay to help him but she insists that she had to go home. This time the butcher let her go.

In the forest, the girl tried to find some rare fruits. This fruits only grew in the forest in her village, no wonder the king order for this fruits. But it's really difficult to find the fruits. She went to the forest with her dog. The dog was loyal to her. Her parents said that one of the fruits always grew near a cave while the other is usually grow near the air fall or near the river.
She walks deep to the forest, but she can't find it. She meets a man, then she ask him about the fruits, and the man said that she can find one of it in the forest, but the cave is up in the hill. She has to walk for another mile. While the other one grew in other forest. That forest located in the south of the village. And it was far from the village.
Knowing that she would find the fruits, she's so happy. She walked happily although she had to walk for miles. There’s she arrived in the hill. The man said that the cave was near a big rock and a very huge tree, even the sunshine could not penetrate trough it. She saw the big rock and the huge tree. It was dark under the tree. She walked faster.
“Here we are, yes this kind of fruits that I have to find.” She saw the fruits, smiling was in her face. “Let’s go, boy” she purred her dog, then run to the fruits. She opened her basket and picked them. Then her basket is full of the fruits.

She felt so tired, she didn’t sleep last night, she wanted to take a rest, but there's no time to take a rest. She had to go home, because it's getting dark. And she knew, her parents would be very anxious if she didn’t come home.

She arrived at the village at night. With a big smile, she showed her parents that she had found one of the fruits. She took some empty baskets, and decorated them. She would use them for the fruits. The parents told her that the butcher came to their house to look for her; he wanted her to come to his house, because he didn't know some receipt for the meals.
Her parents gave her advice to take a rest, and not to go to the butcher house. Late in the night, the butcher came to her house, he insisted her to come to his house.
She didn’t even finish decorating the basket, but she went to his house. The butcher wanted her to cook the meal, and the girl could not refuse when the butcher asked her to cook the meat. She knew that the butcher was a kind of person that would be angry easily when everything he wanted wasn't fulfilled. She cooked for him until dawn then she went home.
Two days before the king arrived; when she would go to the forest she felt so sleepy. Her eyes could not be opened. She sat in her chair, combing her long hair, in her room. She fell asleep.
It was at noon, when she woke up. She felt upset, “how can I fall asleep”. But she decided to go to the forest to find the other fruit. When she would go to the forest, the butcher came to her house.
This time he wanted the girl to help him, because he had to be in the market selling some meat. The girl felt upset for the butcher, why he didn't always do his duty, instead of forcing somebody else to do it.
Every body in the village had his own duty. She told him that this time she could not help him; she gave him advice not to go to the market, because he had to cook for the meal. The butcher fells disappointed, he said that why the girl didn't want to help him. Being angry because she felt asleep, the girl told him that because she didn't take a rest at night she fell asleep in the morning and she could not go to the forest.
” But I have some duties, I have to go to the forest, pick the fruits.”
“You can ask other to go to the forest,” argued the butcher.
“It’s different; they could not select the best fruit. And I prefer do it by my self if I can do it, because it’s my duty. I don’t want to rely on others.” The girl said
“But I need your help, my duties are important, and I also have to go to the market to sell some meat. If I cannot sell the meat I will not get big income, you can ask other and I will pay for it.”
The girl smile when she heard it, she answered, “It’s not just money. I know my stall doesn’t earn a lot of money, but life is not just money.
All the villagers’ duties are important, it’s not just yours. You have to respect other even they aren’t the rich one.”

The butcher was angry, “I helped you a lot,” he said that he helped her when she carried some big boxes, and he accompanied her on her way home, “But this is what you do when I need your help. It just…..”
“It's true that you helped me when I carried big boxes, but I never asked you, or even when you accompanied me on my way home, aren’t our houses close each other. And all you always say is it just……yes it’s just picking some fruits. So you think picking some fruits is not important..” This time the girl didn't care with him. She didn't care if he was angry, but she promised him that she would help him after she found the fruit.
The butcher was still angry when he left her house. She felt little upset, why he mentioned all his helps, so he didn't do it willingly. Didn’t friends always help each other? She remembered that the butcher always helped her when he needed her to read some letters or write some letters for him, or even to teach him how to read and write. She remembered that she was close with the florist, one day the florist needed her help. When she would help the florist, the butcher told her
not to help others if she had to do duties, but after he told her about it, he insisted her to help him in his stall. That’s him.....
The girl went to the forest at noon. She knew that she would spend the night in the forest. So she brought some meal for the supper. Her dog is with her, since there were some beasts in the south forest.
The south forest, where the fruits grew there, there were river and waterfall. She had to walk through the river bank to reach the waterfall. And she would find the fruits.
It is afternoon when she arrived in the river, and then she had to follow the river bank to reach the waterfall. She walked eagerly although she knew that it would be evening when she reached near the waterfall. She was right, by the time the sun had set, she arrived near the waterfall. She could find the fruit easily. There were a lot of the fruits. She decided to take a rest on the ground near the waterfall.
She open his basket and takes some bread, and then she gives her dog some.’ here, eat this boy, this is your supper.' She purred the dog.
“Thanks, for accompany me,”
Late at night, she remembered the butcher; basically she didn't want to argue with him, or even to make him angry. But he had to respect to others' duty. He could not always rely on others for his duty. Even he had a lot of duties; he had to understand that others also had important duties.
In the morning, she picked the fruits happily. And the she went home. At noon she reached the village. Her parents welcomed her happily, since they were very anxious. There were a lot of beasts at night.

After she arrived, she decorated the baskets for the fruits and then she put it there.
The next morning, she helped her mother cooking some cakes from the fruits, just like the king order. The king would arrive this afternoon. By the noon the cake was ready to be served.
After helping her mother, she went to the butcher house. On the way to his house she met the florist; she said that the meal wasn't ready. She went to the butcher, when she arrived there the butcher was in front of his house. Then he told her that the meal was not ready. And he also
apologized to her for his anger. She forgave him, and she told him, that she had promised him to help him. Then they cooked the meal. The time the king had dinner the meal was ready to be served.
Finally the butcher realized that every one has duty, and that’s important. Although it was little duty, or event a simple job that would not earn a lot of money.

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